Returning to the Universe


As always about Fanfest time I get excited about EVE. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but now the wars in the North are picking up steam and EVE is alive and vibrant again. So, on that note, I’ll be returning with some new player related stuff.

In addition I’ll be reworking the EVE Station trading worksheet. Why? Well, this monstrosity is in need of an update. API’s are broken, it doesn’t update well, and it can be streamlined.

Making ISK in EVE has changed. Well, it’s always changing. But when I first did my challenge it was significantly easier. One, PLEX was way cheaper, and two, there wasn’t nearly as much competition. I’ll still keep a focus on station trading but I’m going to branch out too. Ninja-Gas mining is a fun endeavor. Exploration has possibilities, and with the revamped PVE experience coming who knows what else.

Want a topic covered? Let me know. I’m open to suggestions.

Otherwise for starters keep an eye out for the new EVE Trading Spreadsheet. It’ll be out soon.


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