Price Oddities

Lately my station trades have been a bit… off. The prices would be close, but not nearly as close as they were. Not that I was getting losses, but my trading delta was shifting.

EVE-MarketData has a nifty compare function. So I ran through a basket of items and discovered that EVE-Marketdata is, for the most part, two weeks old. Almost universally two weeks old in fact.

tritanium brutix 1mnmicro2 10mn2

And there it is.

If Tritanium is off… well, I need to find a new price source.

The thing I like about the Eve-MarketData feed is I can grab all market data for a station. Then I can just VLOOKUP to my hearts content. One pull, one big data set, is much faster than 1200 XML queries. With EVE-Central I have to do individual calls, no massive dump for me!

My only option is to either hope that the CREST Market Feed comes online, or retool to EVE-Central feeds. I’d like to use EVE-Central, but it’s going to suck to make all those calls for all those locations. (I query 1200 items in 8 market hubs) So yah, 9600 XML queries will make my spreadsheet shit the bed.

If you, the loyal reader, has any ideas or options, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Price Oddities

  1. You don’t need to make an individual ImportXML function for every single item if you’re crafty with the spreadsheet.
    I’m using Google Docs, and each ImportXML function can pull 160 items before it starts breaking down – although you will need to enter the IDs manually or use a system that allows the item IDs to be parsed for each item.
    If you do that, then you’d only need to configure 8 import XMLs per hub.

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