EVE – June 2015, Avoiding BitterVET Status

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Mostly because when I do post about EVE (which isn’t often anymore) I do it over at http://titaniumtrout.com.

At the moment I’m in an EVE lull. I’ve gone through this cycle many times before. Right now I’m in a holding pattern while I wait for the NullSec changes to come to life.

I’m at an odd point. I have plenty of isk, plenty of ships, and no real reason to go out and fight. There’s nothing worth fighting over. There’s no one who can come and take what I have. Sure there’s opponents, but if there’s not a compelling reason, a story behind it, then it’s just World of Tanks in space.

This happened to me around the Incarna incident. EVE was meh. There’s not much inspiring me now. Hopefully this will all change when FuzzySov goes into full swing.

On the plus side I’m writing a lot more. My sixth novel will be out soon, and I’m just getting into the meat of the 7th novel. I should write a bit about EVE inspiring my science fiction, because it absolutely does. Just not the EVE of 2015 but the EVE of 2006.

Can you still earn a PLEX in 21 days?

Yes. Absolutely.

The market is still robust, there’s plenty of items to trade, and courier contracts are cheap as ever… So get out there and try it!


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